Stop By The Arlington Ale House


Do you like a bold, hoppy IPA or a smooth, rich stout? No matter what your taste in beer, you’re sure to discover some new favorite brews at Arlington Ale House. This unique, pub-style bar has only been open since early 2017. Visiting will make you feel like you’ve crossed the pond and are in […]

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Visit Thuringer Meats Near Dunton Tower


Whether you’re looking for the perfect steak to grill or a whole chicken to roast for Sunday dinner, you must make a visit to Thuringer Meats. This local butcher shop in Arlington Heights has been serving the public for 40 years and they’re known for their high-quality products. Because local food often tastes best, Thuringer […]

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Enjoy Brunch At Egg Harbor Cafe


What better way to start a Sunday than with a delicious, filling brunch? Egg Harbor Cafe is only a few minutes from Dunton Tower Apartments and they offer one of the best brunches in the area, featuring local ingredients and an array of gluten-free options. The menu at Egg Harbor Cafe includes a list of […]

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